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# About BRAW Toolbox

BRAW Toolbox allows you to import Blackmagic RAW files directly into Final Cut Pro without transcoding.

No more transcoding. No more waiting. No more massive ProRes files.

The BRAW Toolbox Workflow Extension allows you to prepare all your footage prior to import, allowing you to easily and quickly change all the RAW metadata, and copy and paste metadata from different BRAW clips. You can even save Presets for specific Metadata Attributes.

Once imported into Final Cut Pro, you can still modify the RAW metadata at any time - and you can even keyframe the ISO, Exposure, Color Temp and Tint.

BRAW Toolbox comes with a Metadata View that allows you to view every piece of BRAW Metadata directly within the Final Cut Pro Inspector.

There are automatic Decode Quality options for both HD and UltraHD projects, and you can also work at a low quality Decode Quality, then apply a "Global Setting" to force Full Quality prior to export. BRAW Toolbox gives you complete freedom and flexibility.

You can also use the Workflow Extension to send your project/timeline to DaVinci Resolve for grading - all using BRAW files directly from the camera!

The BRAW Toolbox icon was designed by the amazing Matthew Skiles.

The incredible surf footage (as seen in the above screenshots) was captured by Sydney based Director/Cinematographer, Adrian Emerton.

# Release Information

"You can quite literally ship this in its current form and it’s ready for prime time. This plug-in has saved me DAYS of transcoding time between FCP & Resolve. BRAW Toolbox is a plug-in every FCP editor should own." George Elias

After one month of very successful beta testing, with over 253 testers from all over the world, BRAW Toolbox was available for download on the Mac App Store at 9am on 30th January (AEDT) / 10pm on 29th January (GMT).

BRAW Toolbox was sold for 50% off for the first week, as a small thank you to our early adopters and beta testers.

It's now available on the Mac App Store for USD$79.99.

Click here to buy on the Mac App Store

There is no free trial, and it will only be available on the Mac App Store as a one-time payment.

A companion application, Gyroflow Toolbox is also now available on the Mac App Store for purchase for USD$5.

You can download Gyroflow Toolbox here.

# Developer Backstory

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Chris Hocking has been working in the entertainment industry for over two decades, starting out operating and repairing animatronics for the BBC Tweenies, before moving into lighting design and technical production management for live productions. He was the lighting designer for the Moscow Circus tours in South Africa & Taiwan, as well as lighting some of Sony Music’s biggest artists. He was previously the Post Production Supervisor at Melbourne’s award winning editing house The Butchery, and finishing house The Refinery - where he oversaw thousands of high-end commercials, and several short films, feature films and documentaries.

Chris has an incredibly strong and varied technical and business background, and takes care of the day-to-day operations at LateNite Films – ensuring that each production makes use of the best and most relevant technology and workflows. His producing credits include the SBS2 series The Wizards of Aus, the Melbourne based Fairy Tale unit on the Foxtel mini series The Lambs of God, a number of music videos for artists including Peking Duk, Cosmo’s Midnight, Rufus du Sol, American Doubles, Casey Donovan and Guy Pearce and the ABC ME project The Legend of Burnout Barry. He has several editing and sound design credits to his name, including Fremantle Australia’s “Neighbours - Erinsborough High” spin-off series which was edited, graded and sound mixed in Final Cut Pro X.

He is the creator of the open source Mac application, CommandPost, which has been downloaded over 152K times, and also maintains a database of known Final Cut Pro X bugs and issues. He’s recently released a new application called BRAW Toolbox which allows Final Cut Pro users to import Blackmagic RAW files without transcoding.

He’s a member of the Screen Producers Association, Australian Screen Editors Guild and is an Adobe Certified Expert.

# Fun Facts

  • The developer created CommandPost, a popular Final Cut Pro workflow tool that's been downloaded over 152,000 times.
  • The first GitHub commit for BRAW Toolbox was 17th September 2022.
  • It took 131 days to get from the first commit to final App Store approval.
  • This is the first time the developer has built an Objective-C application from scratch.
  • This is the first time the developer has released an app to the Mac App Store.
  • BRAW Toolbox & Gyroflow Toolbox are the first two applications on the Mac App Store to use Apple's FxPlug4 Effects API.